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There are many instances where individuals need guidance, advice, or assistance with planning for the future. Not all individuals are the same, and not all problems are solved the same way. That is why we approach each client’s unique circumstances quite simply — we listen to your needs, we develop a plan, and we make it happen.

Our firm routinely reviews, drafts and revises contracts for individuals, whether it is an employment contract, real estate sale or purchase, construction contract, private loans, or promissory notes — to name a few. Our experience in litigating the disputes arising from these types of contracts is what started our focus on trying to prevent others from walking down the same costly path. Consulting a lawyer at the beginning of the process saves both time and money in avoiding potential disputes that may arise in the future.

Life is complicated, and simple things are not always so simple. We help individuals navigate through complex problems. Not every problem has to be a lawsuit, but every problem needs a solution. We can creatively and effectively help you solve problems before ever heading to the courthouse. Several clients have called us the “light at the end of the tunnel” as we helped them navigate through complicated transactions and see their way out of a mess.

We take a different approach to “you.” Because of our expertise and experience in several other areas of law, we take a different approach to what is commonly termed “Estate Planning.” When you think about it, you and what you have accumulated over the years, is in a way, a business—it’s your life. Just like a business, individuals should plan for a future beyond their lifetime, during their lifetime. Contrary to the traditional approach and understanding, this does not mean you should simply have a will and keep it secret until you die. Our approach, what we call Succession Planning, is different because it incorporates listening to what you want to do with you and your belongings not only when you die, but while you are alive. We look at the totality of circumstances. We believe just having a will to cover post-death transfers is short-sighted — what happens before you die is very important. All too often family members are plagued with the all too common situations: “where are the documents, passwords to computers, sources of income, and liabilities on debt? is there even a safety deposit box?” Without incorporating these essential aspects your loved ones can be left with a bad taste in their mouths while having to “clean up the mess,” so to speak. We strive to meet your goals to make it easier on everyone, for everyone involved.

Our approach focuses on you and your life now—not just your death. We make sure your wishes for you are secured if there comes a time when you are not able to make them. We also make sure that you have secured what you have accumulated over your life is in the hands of those you want. This not only includes a will, but may include trusts, partnerships, family businesses, securing the transfer of a vacation home, and other things that are dear to you, regardless of their value. We have creative solutions that can have you, and your loved ones, avoid the head aches that arise when planning is overlooked. This is not something anyone enjoys, until they have experienced or heard of the pitfalls of someone not having properly planned. We make succession planning an enjoyable process, and invite it to be an open and planned “changing of the guard.”

There are many situations that might call for a lawyer where you may benefit from our skills and experience:
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Drafting and Revisions
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Employment Investigations/Disputes
  • Individual/Family Succession Planning
  • Trusts and Guardianships
  • Complex Personal Situations
Our experience includes:
  • Review and revise employment contracts for physicians, fellows, and residents
  • Secured transaction of purchase of foreign property that was on verge of falling through with subsequent capital and negotiated settlement of disputed defaulted private loan, upon which the transaction relied
  • Review real estate residential and commercial contracts for individuals, realtors, landlords, and tenants, including negotiating commercial transactions
  • Review, draft, and revise new construction and remodel contracts for individuals, as well as businesses
  • Negotiate Deceptive Trade Practices Act violations
  • Create personal succession planning for individuals
  • Individual representation in Internal Investigations
  • Represented individual in complex series of business and personal cross-over matters, resulting in positive resolution and his continued business

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